Friday, January 29, 2010

USCRI's World Refugee Survey 2009

[Photo: US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants]
Every year the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants publishes their World Refugee survey, a great resource for stats and facts on the refugee populations and their treatment in virtually every country in the world.

Check it out here: World Refugee Survey!

Some highlights from this years report:
* The Thai navy dragged disabled boats full of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar out to sea and abandoned them to the sun and sea.
* Xenophobic mob attacks in South Africa killed dozens of foreigners and drove tens of thousands from their homes.
* Hamas rocket attacks launched from Gaza provoked an Israeli invasion, including indiscriminate attacks, that killed more than 1,400 Palestinians
* Malaysian officials continued to sell deported refugees into slavery.
* Kenya continued its attempts to stem the flow of Somali refugees by forcing hundreds back across the border, beating many and demanding bribes from them.
* Egyptian border guards shot and killed more than 30 African migrants trying to cross into Israel.
* Turkey continued to deport hundreds of asylum seekers back to their countries of origin without any chance at protection, and in one incident drowned four people by forcing them to try to swim across a swift river into Iraq.
(From the USCRI site)

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