Monday, February 22, 2010

March on Washington upcoming?

Apparently there are plans underway for a March on Washington, DC in support of immigrant rights on March 21st, 2010. The march would be part of a conference planned on behalf of a coalition of Ecumenical Christian religious groups that goes by the title "Ecumenical Advocacy Days." From the website:
Jesus had no place to lay his head. Neither do tens of millions of migrants, refugees and displaced persons. Be a part of an action weekend addressing this global injustice. Join hundreds of faith-based advocates in taking action on U.S. legislation that will welcome immigrants, protect refugees and prevent displacement for millions.

Personally, I think its fantastic if religious groups want to take the lead this time around. Its no fluke that the civil rights movement was lead by religious leaders, and there's no reason why God should only be invoked these days to suppress gay rights, misinform our children about sex, and back every single insane proposal by the far right. (Yes, Christian Coalition, I'm looking at you.)

It seems that other groups are getting involved as well, and hopefully this could be a big draw for the many Americans that are getting tired of Obama's inaction on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) so far this year. So what if we were traumatized by the fiasco in '96? Time to shake it off and put the pressure back on the White House and Congress to fix the mess they put us in by years of piecemeal legislation and bureaucratic shuffling.

Onward Christian (and other) soldiers!

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