Monday, February 20, 2012

Plan and UN to Partner up for Birth Registration

According to a press release from the Plan International, a major child's rights NGO, they are announcing a partnership with the UN to promote universal birth registration. What's more, the campaign focuses specifically on children at a risk for statelessness.
Plan and UNHCR will conduct coordinated advocacy at all levels and exchange information on developments on birth registration. The efforts will consider specific needs and concerns of asylum-seeking, refugee, internally displaced and stateless children, as well as children at risk of becoming stateless. The two agencies will jointly identify priority countries and seek to address possible gaps to ensure that every child is registered at birth.
  Sounds like very good news for stateless and legally invisible persons! Naturally I think its a shame that the program focuses on children, when there are still many adults who have never been registered and do not have valid ID or citizenship. However, its a great start and fantastic timing- riding the coat-tails of a huge year for statelessness and UNHCR's big anniversary campaign.

Wonder what countries will be picked out as "priorities?' We'll be following closely.

Plan and UN Join Forces on Birth Registration

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