Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Non-Citizen News Round Up

Photo by Sandy Huffaker for the NY Times
US: Programs aimed at helping settled refugees to start their own farms are gaining traction across the country, as well as making farmer's market offerings more diverse.
When the Uprooted Put Down Roots (via the NY Times)

Australia: UNHCR endorses the controversial Malaysian refugee swap deal? According to this article, the High Commissioner feels refugees are better off in Malaysia, where at least they can work.
Australia's Malaysia Refugee Swap Deal Gets Support from UNHCR (via All Headlines News)

Cuba: Numbers of emigrants going up, likely due to stalling economy
Number of Cuban Migrants Has Surged in 2011 (via Miami Herald)

Mozambique: UNHCR will follow up last years program of mapping and documenting statelessness with a program this year to register Mozambique-born stateless persons. An estimated 2 million people are at risk.
UNHCR to Support Registration of Stateless People (via All Africa Global Media)

Norway: As "paperless" youth gain increased intention in Norway, some are calling for the revival of the Nansen Passport.
Effort Grows to Revive Nansen Passport (via Norway International Network)

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