Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweden: Refoulement of Kurds to Iran?

According to, 20 Kurdish refugees have sewed their mouths shut in Sergels torg while facing imminent deportation to Iran.

With their lives on the line, the asylum seekers -- all of whom are documented refugees with the United Nations -- have taken the extraordinary step of going on a hunger strike to protest their deportation. Several of them have been hospitalized after collapsing from hunger. Those remaining have sewn their mouths shut.

This isn't the first time that Sweden has been in the limelight for  deportation of Kurds. Last January UNHCR spoke out against the deportation of Iraqi Kurds back to some of the most dangerous regions in Iraq, and stated that they most likely should have been covered by the Refugee Convention or the Qualifications Directive.

Now there is a petition to the Swedish Migration Board to save these Iranian Kurds from being deported, and it already has more than 36,000 signatures. You can add yours here.

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