Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Everybody learns in different ways (or at least that's how my Algebra teacher used to console me). So while some people seeking to understand non-citizen issues may be best served by a dry and factual NGO report, others may get the picture better from an evening news piece, a politician's rant, or a short story. Here are a few interesting pieces on non-citizens that may be worth a read or a look to round out your knowledge. 

McSweeney's has a fantastic series of articles by an anonymous "Bible-college educated evangelical" Christian who decided to try out her missionary skills on a group of Somalian refugees in Portland. The resulting tales are funny and often heartbreaking, drawing a comparison between people trying to adjust to a entirely new way of life, and those among us who feel like outsiders wherever they are.
Assimilate or Go Home: Dispatches from the Stateless Wanderers by DLM

Aleksander Hemon, author of several books about the immigrant experience including the bitter and beautiful novel "The Lazarus Project," has a piece out in Guernica Magazine this month about ethnic education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This look at how the "ridiculous and demeaning" peace-process has played out in the classroom offers a cutting intro into a complex and fascinating subject.
National Subjects by Aleksander Hemon

Surprising Europe, a series from Al Jazeera, has some great pieces covering the experience of African Migrants in Europe. The episode below is especially salient, about undocumented migrants in Berlin and Amsterdam trying to live inside the paper maze.
Running out of Luck- Surprising Europe

And last but not least, below is a video by the Serbian NGO Praxis (whom I work with) regarding the situation of the legally invisible in Serbia.

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