Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who are Kuwait's Stateless?

Source: Arabian Business
At the end of a year dominated by a profound upswing in attention to statelessness, Kuwait's stateless Bidoons (alt.  Bedoun, Bidun) have seized the day to protest an untenable situation in their country, one that has stretched almost half a century. Not being well-informed on Kuwaiti history, I would point those interested to the following sources, which I have been following to get information on the continuing protests and legal battles.

  • As usual, Open Society is up on any emerging human rights issue seemingly anywhere, and thus this concise introduction to the Bidoon by blogger Sebastian Kohn is a good place to start.
  • Mona Kareem's blog has great coverage and links from a Kuwaiti Bidun freelance journalist/ poet.
  • And of course, for the most up-tp-date news, you can always turn to the twitter machine: try hashtags #Kuwait, #Bidoon and naturally, #Stateless
Please feel free to leave any additional good sources in the comments. Meanwhile, I offer my solidarity to the stateless Bidoons of Kuwait, and hope that the government and the Kuwaiti people will see the light before anyone else has to get hurt.

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